A Little Self Portrait Action.


The other day I realized I needed some new headshots, so I can be more professional, of course. Being the subject rather than behind the camera feels super weird now - but I have to say I love to see other photographers work. I want to know how they pose, what settings and lenses they like to use, and what they like to see in a photo. 

Thanks Natalie for these great shots. I love light and lot's of greenery so this is right up my alley! 

Nothing Sweeter

There's nothing sweeter than friendship. I loooved taking some BFF photos of these girls on my school campus the other day. So bright and green! I also loved how they turned out, you can really see how light and fun these two ladies are. 

Cassandra's Portfolio.

My beautiful friend Cassandra is looking to get into modelling and I was sooo excited. Posing is something I love to experiment with so it was fun to try new things and get new shots rather than the same old same old.

These shots of Cass in the greenery are some of my absolute favourites. The linen, the tones. Wow. I just can't get over it.