For those of you who have been here since the beginning or just now stumbling onto this little piece of my messy life, welcome

If you've had a chance to read my blurb about what Purpose of Grace really is and what I'm about, you'll be familiar with this next bit already. And if not, here it is - I want this to be a place of freedom, creativity, and worship of Jesus Christ. Although my words and posts are simply my own, I hope and pray that they'll help point both of us (most days I wonder if it's all more for me than for you. I've had some serious changes happen in me in the short amount of time since I started POG!) a little bit closer to becoming Christlike. Or even just cause us to think more and maybe open our hearts a little to this Jesus guy. Life is big and complicated and we're flawed and broken and sometimes the weight of it all seems too large to carry. Other days it's light and airy and we feel like the world is carrying us while we sail along. This is normal. It's okay to rejoice and it's okay to struggle. And I want to write about all of it. It's my personal goal that we'll be able to find comfort, encouragement, and maybe even a kick in the butt together in all the sailing and carrying that we do.

Some of you, I know deeper than the wrinkles in my own hands, and others, I have yet to know. Even though the crazy little crew of you darlings span from Australia to Brazil , and some of you are right here with me in Ontario, I think and pray for each of you often. I'm not just here to write out my thoughts and my advice and talk about my experiences. I'm here for you, too. Just like a lot of you have been here for me. 

So this is my thank you. Thank you to those of you who have been coming to this corner of the internet for six months, a month, or even a few hours. Thank you for those of you who have challenged me and given me feedback. Thank you to those of you who have encouraged me. Thank you to those of you who have reached out when you needed somebody to talk to. And thank you to those of you who are content to watch and pray and learn with me. I appreciate it all. And I especially appreciate you. 

A big big thank you has to go out to my girls, my womanly readers, you guys rock my socks off! Sisterhood is magic. Let's remember to love on each other and not put each other down. We have enough gunk to worry about. 

Love always, xoxo, & a thousand gnarly fist bumps,


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