Let's Do Lunch.


I don't know about you, but I'm feeling all kinds of exhausted right about now. I want a cup of tea, the softest blanket I can find, and maybe some puppy therapy. Instead, I have a night class. 

But this isn't about how tired I am. This isn't about quitting, or putting my headphones back in, or turning away because "I just don't feel like pouring myself into anybody right now". This isn't about school assignments. This isn't about your crush in Psych class or about how your jeans are a little bit too tight this month. This is about us. About community.

So let's do lunch. 

Let's do lunch and mean it

Not flippantly. Not as a conversation-filler that requires zero follow up. Not as a way to put a band-aid on somebody else's hurting. Not to make us feel good. 

Let's do lunch and share in sorrow. Let's do lunch and really listen to the person across from us. Let's do lunch, and put our phones away. Heaven forbid Instagram misses another picture of an avocado sandwich! Let's do lunch and give hope. Let's do lunch and build relationships. Let's do lunch and bring somebody the good news of salvation and tell them, from the bottom of our hearts, tell them that yes - there is hope. Yes - there is always a way out. Yes - you. are. never. stuck. 

When was the last time somebody asked you "How are you?" and you answered honestly? It's probably been too long. I'm so, so guilty of this. When was the last time you sat alone on your bed, crying your eyes out, and wondered if anybody cared? I've done this more times than I'd want to publicly admit. (Time to clear the comfort zone of my private, wall-building little heart.)

Let's hear. Let's listen. Breathe. 

Somebody does care. Somebody cares about you more than earth and heaven combined. Somebody loves you so much that they died just to pull you from the deepest depths of your own hell. 

You have more hope than you know. You have more ability than you know. You can do it. But not alone. 

So let's do lunch. 


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