It's Okay To Be A Cliche


Listen. It's okay to be a cliche.

I am queen of the post-breakup haircuts and eating ice cream in bed. When things go bad I spend more time outside to "find myself" and "soul search" (hello, the past two months of my life). I'm queen of trying the latest health food or workout craze and telling my friends over brunch that it's LITERALLY, changing my life (real talk though - I just started drinking kombucha and oh my goodness!!) I am all about those pictures of an open bible and black coffee with a quote from Spurgeon or Piper or Elisabeth Elliot. I love, love! those artsy mom blogger Instagrams of their feet with long captions about being authentic.

No matter what your niche is, your style or aesthetic, you're never going to be the only person doing it. There's nothing new under the sun. Our culture is constantly fighting to be the "it" girl, guy, product, trend, anything really. FOMO, the fear of missing out, being boring or not unique - is a scary thought, especially in the "age of attention" we're living in. The idea that you, OBVIOUSLY A VERY UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL DUHH, could be fading into the background and overshadowed by anybody else - becoming a boring cliche - is probably the biggest nightmare of our socially programmed hearts. 

I'm on a journey to quit striving. Loving Jesus is not about being the best, taking up all the attention, and being on top. It's not cool in the "trendy" sense and we never should pretend it is. I'm tired of meeting new people and trying to decide whether I'm going to drop the "Jesus-bomb" and let them know how huge He is in my life - and worry about whether they're going to think I'm less important or less valuable because of what they think of my faith. I'd love to be the person that changes their minds about what Christians are supposed to be like. You know what things we should be making cliche about Christians? That we listen too much, genuinely care for people - even when it's uncomfortable, and pursue goodness. Now that's a cliche I want to get behind.  

Whatever cliche it is you're rocking - whatever space you're striving to occupy - I hope and I pray that it's you merely being the best you. Don't become something because you think you should. A lot of things that become popular or seem like the latest trend become those things for a reason. The key is you must discern why when and for who it's trending. Why when and for who's line you're towing. If you're taking that instagram picture of your bible and coffee because what you're reading is blowing your mind and you're dying to share it, do it. I am right behind you.  But if it's because the cute worship leader just started following you, maybe save it for another time. 

If something is uplifting, brings unity, and helps you to become better for the right reasons, we should do that thing. Repeatedly. With gusto. We should support each other. If you see someone getting excited or passionate about something, support it. Take a break from your black turtleneck and hand-ground coffee beans for a second and love that person. Don't scoff when you see a picture of a salad or a motivational quote while you're scrolling. Open your heart. Quit striving. Because it's okay to be a cliche. 

Love the things that you love for the right reasons, and use them to love others too. 

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