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About 3 years ago, I bookmarked one of my favourite blog posts to my browser so that I could go back to it whenever I needed it.

I need it often.

It's a blog post about worth and worth is something I question almost daily. I'm sure you do too.

When did questioning start for you? Did someone hurt you when you were young? Did a boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend break your heart somewhere along the line? Did someone act as if they didn't care? Did someone tell you that you had to be better or speak smarter or do more? Did you start comparing yourself to those who seemed to have it all together? Did someone tell you that you weren't enough?

My dear friend, when did you start believing that you were worth nothing?

I don't know who you are or what your story is but I'm here to tell you, that annoying little voice that's telling you you're worthless is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

Friend, you're significant not because of what you've done or said or what you will do or say in the future. You're significant simply because of who you are.

You are smart and you have things to contribute to this world.

You are beautiful and a magical work of art.

You are kind and full of grace and a blessing to those around you.

You are all these things and more and even if you don't contribute something incredible and life changing on this earth, you'll still be all these things and more.

You're allowed to have bad days and you're allowed to have a day (or fifty) where nothing goes right - that doesn’t change how much you're valued.

That's the beautiful thing, love. Your worth doesn't change no matter what you do. You're valuable and significant simply because you are, because you exist.

I hope you know that today and everyday. I hope you find a way to remind yourself of that and that one day, the questioning will stop and you'll just know how valuable, significant and worthy you are.

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