the june collection.


Today was one of those hot, breezy days where there's nothing much to do but sit around and be miserable... and eat too many Harvest Snaps (I'm addicted). In order to beat the heat and avoid the rut, I forced two of my most (un)willing models to pose for me as I practice my photography habit - I'm trying to work on faster, more candid shots while using manual and adjusting as I go rather than using an auto setting for focus and exposure. 
Nothing too fancy going on here - just the basics. 

Tim was probably the sweetest to shoot. He's shy in the spotlight but exceptionally funny and has a good take on life. One of those hidden gems to take pictures of, for sure.

The pictures I take with Julia always turn out gawwwguss. She's got intense eyes and lovely photogenic features, and a flair for the dramatic. She doesn't take herself too seriously - goofy candids are her weakness.

All in all we survived our blustery day and I got some rather lovely photos out of the deal. Enjoy. xoxo

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