Griffin at Home.

My husband Griffin has always been someone that inspires me in life and in art. Almost a muse but more than that. Anyway. 

We rarely get to spend full days - just us - together because of conflicting schedules, and this was a nice opportunity to join together on a project. 
I'm someone who has always highly valued "home" or the feeling of home, what it takes to make a home or a space feel truly lived in or like a reflection of yourself - a luxury not many people can afford, some need to find homes in others or in passing emotions rather than a fixed space - either way, that sense of "home" is something that I want to cultivate in my photos. Beautifully shot landscapes, outdoor shoots, or even photos taken in a studio are always nice and can speak things to the viewer, but my current interest right now is people where they feel the most natural. Comfortable. Just them. 

The apartment Griffin and I are in right now has never, ever, been my dream home. I had to work for a long time to see it as a place for us in spite of the baggage and emotions that moving into this space brought up for me. But I was stuck here - so I decided to embrace the feelings and the discomfort and meet it in the middle. As I said before, home is a privilege. I had to look at the privilege that I've had to always live somewhere that fit my expectations of home - safe, warm, beautiful (thanks to my Mom and Dad for always making my childhood home each of those things) - and create somewhere safe, warm, and beautiful in spite of how comfortable I felt living there at the time.

I feel like this was the perfect place to start a creative series that reflects "home" - with the person who feels like home, and the place I call my home (with all its lumps, bumps, dusty corners and straight up holes in the walls).