The Jensens.


This session was extremely fun. It was one of my first times shooting a family this big with kids of such a young age - and there wasn't a dull moment! Posing was a bit of a challenge, but I love a challenge. One of my tips for shooting a family with rambunctious kids is having each of them pose for their own silly or serious shot (whichever they prefer). It helps bring the focus back to posing for photos, letting them be creative and expressive (which is sometimes hard in a group shot) while also giving parents or caregivers a special photo that reflects each child's personality.

Also - how sweet is new baby Henry! I can't even handle those cheeks.

I also took an opportunity to snag some cute shots of Erik and Austen - if possible this is a great way for busy parents to share some special moments kid free... and get some great photos, too!