about beth

Hello, darling.

Welcome to my little corner. This is a space of freedom, creativity, and worship. Here you'll find lots of my thoughts and musings, pictures I'm shot, some creative work, and a lot of really dumb jokes.

If you want to know a little bit about me - I am a student, a learner, and those closest to me (and I hope you will, too) call me Beth. I have a big smile and a belly laugh. I love pranks. I'm organized but never neat. I love going to bed by 9:30. But most of all - I love finding new friends. I'm all about the zest.

I hope that one of the most important things you'll find while you're here is - I'm for you. Nobody ever has anything fully figured out. Don't ever be afraid to send me a line or ask me a question or share a little bit of what's been inspiring you lately. Life can be hard. Lemme hear what's on your heart.

For photography bookings, send me an email or reach out on my contact page.