frequently asked + chat

I never thought I'd become the fancy somebody who has a FAQ page, but here we are. Most of the time I respond to questions individually, either through email or through my Facebook page, but a lot of the quick q's I get are usually the same kinds of thangs.. so why not have everything in one place!

If you have a question, you can email me at, or you can message me here.

Do you take/edit/produce all the photos on your blog?

The quick answer is mostly, yes! I love photography and creating, so this is probably one of my favourite things about running this blog (although I would call myself strictly a self-taught amateur). Occasionally, though, if I'm busy at school or just don't have anything good in my personal stock arsenal - I'll use Unsplash. This is pretty rare, and usually I'll let you know when I use a photo that I personally didn't take!

What got you into blogging?

I love people, I love encouraging, and I love story telling. And I really really want to get things. I want to understand the world around me. And part of how I like to do that is by writing. Or reading the words of other people - people much, much wiser than me. Life is fascinating - I find people and their stories interesting. Plus, I think there's something really special about creating a beautiful space to inspire and motivate others. Blogging is cathartic. And at the end of the day I'm just an overly-friendly a chatterbox.

What are you taking in school?

I'm getting my bach of Religious Education, Family and Social. I'm passionate about women and children, and so I've found this degree really equipping me for working with both groups.

Tips for first time bloggers/people thinking about starting a blog?

Do your research, and don't let fear stop you! Write clearly about what you're passionate about, respect your readers, and engage. It helps if you make things pretty, and there are lot's of ways to do that without going overboard in the money department. Pinterest is your bff. And - planning is key. Be as organized as you possibly can, in whatever way that works best for you. I'm always so happy to answer questions, maybe we can learn something from each other! At the end of the day, if you're excited about something and want to do it fo real fo real, that deserves supporting.

Are you dating anybody?

I just got married! Woohoo! My lovely husband Griffin is one of the best people I know. I share more about him on my instagram - @elisabethpickel - so feel free to follow along!

What do you do to relax?

Rest, rest, rest. Planned and organized rest. I clean, I read, I light candles, I write in my journal, sometimes I just call a good friend and cry. Sometimes I listen to worship music, sometimes I listen to 2000s pop tunes, angry rap, or indie. Just good music. Sometimes I dance and sometimes I sit in bed. My main goal is just setting time in my day or my week to be in tune with where my heart's at. 

Anything fitness/diet/lifestyle related.*

Yes, guys, I am a vegetarian. Sometimes a vegan, depending on what's happening in my life. I've been meatless (gasp!) for almost three years. If you want more information on what that's all about, there's some great stuff out there (and not so great). Good research is key!
A lot of things have changed in my fitness routine - I've become less about intense workout routines and more about nourishing my body and mind. I'm still getting active regularly, and I'll write a post on that soon. Woohoo!

*Do your research before following someone else's diet or routine. Although I'm passionate about these aspects of my lifestyle I know that I am not a doctor, and I can only speak to my experience. Before deciding to commit to a plant-based diet, intense workout routines, or potentially dangerous sports, please research carefully and consult a professional if necessary.